The ZAZY Agency Growth Framework for Tech & SaaS Companies

A Decade of Experience.

We’ve spent the last decade mastering customer acquisition for tech companies—so you don’t have to.

Our framework combines our proprietary software with targeted social media advertising.

Step One

Customer Survey

We segment your customer base with tags and conduct surveys to gauge overall satisfaction.

This allows us to identify patterns among your satisfied clients—your ideal customers.

Step Two

Referral & Reviews

We request referrals from your satisfied customers to generate high-intent leads likely to become new happy clients.

Additionally, we encourage satisfied customers to rate you on Google and Trustpilot, enhancing your online trust.

Dissatisfied customers trigger an alert in our software, providing you the opportunity to address concerns and prevent churn.

Step Three

Simplify your Communication

Tech companies often communicate in complex jargon that customers don’t understand.

We use customer insights to simplify and streamline your website and company presentations, ensuring your ideal customers easily understand your services and benefits.

Step Four

Build Trust

Let your satisfied customers speak for you!

We conduct in-depth interviews with your most enthusiastic clients, capturing their testimonials in videos, text, and images.

These assets are featured on your homepage and across social media.

Additionally, we record high-converting, scripted ads during the interviews (to be used in step 5).

Step Five


Let’s attract your dream clients!

We blend trust-building customer success stories from Step 4 with captivating pitch ads and informative product education ads in both video and image formats.

This powerful mix of creatives will quickly convert your ideal customers from casual browsers to committed buyers.

... The (amazing) Growth Loop

What’s beautiful about our framework?

It turns your existing customers into referral generators, uses their success to build trust, and leverages it all to attract new customers.

Then, we repeat the process. Month after month, we achieve compounding growth with satisfied, ideal clients.

Ready for the cash flow boost?